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Got a DTAC Tourist SIM, now what? 

Before your Trip

Before you come to Thailand, make sure you have a unlocked phone or pocket wifi device.  Most USA carriers lock phones to their IMEI numbers so you can't easily sell the subsidized handset you have.   Thankfully that should be getting easier as US Carriers have agreed to help users unlock their phones when possible.

Sim Types

The DTAC Tourist SIM is both a regular and micro sized sim.  It is NOT a Nano SIM (iPhone 5 and up).  

Here's a list of phones using a Micro SIM
Dual Cut SIM
  • iPad 1/2/ 3 (the new iPad)
  • iPhone 4/4S
  • Motorola Droid Razr (Spyder)
  • Nokia Lumia 710
  • Nokia Lumia 800
  • Nokia N9
  • Panasonic P-02D Lumix 3D phone
  • Sony Xperia S
  • HTC One 
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII
  • Samsung GALAXY Note 3
  • Samsung GALAXY S4
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 Active
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom
  • Samsung GALAXY S4 mini 
  • Sony Xperia M
  • Sony Xperia S
  • Sony Xperia SP
  • Sony Xperia Z
  • Sony Xperia Z1
  • ZTE Grand S Flex
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 7.0 8GB 3G
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 10.1 16GB 3G
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 8.0 16GB 3G
  • Samsung GALAXY Note 8 
  • BlackBerry Q10
  • BlackBerry Q5
  • BlackBerry Z10 

Phones, smartphones dongles and pocket wifi

Pocket Wifi 
You can put the DTAC Tourist SIM in any device that is unlocked and works on the 900 and 1800 mhz frequencies.   Use it for internet only in a usb dongle or mifi device, or put into a cheap phone for calls only.

Topping Up

You can top up (add credit or add minutes) in any 7-11 or online with Paypal at  Credit is used for 4G,3G, SMS and calls.   You do not need credit to receive calls, as inbound calls and SMS are free.

What to do after 7 days of free 3G

After your 7 days of free 3G are finished, you'll want to get a 3G package to keep surfing.  Check out all the packages here:  You'll need enough Baht of credit on your phone to sign up for one of them.

Balance Check, Forgot number and Validity

Want to check your balance, your phone number or validity?  You can use keypress USSD codes to find out for free.   Just enter the codes into your phone and it will reply with a SMS or flash message.

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